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Paros Island, Greece

Sustainable Farming & Artisanal Products

Radish & Carrot
Baby Coloured Tomatoes
White Grapes
Hand Picked Figs
Soaking Capers
Beautiful Natural Textures
Little Watermelon
Olive Harvest
Moutain Tea (Sideritis)

'PETRA is a family-run sustainable farm located on the beautiful island of Paros, in Greece. We specialize in the production of Mediterranean crops that are well suited to the distinctive microclimates of our farmland. From the olives, capers, oregano, lavender, figs, grapes and other herbs that we grow, we produce a wide array of high-quality packaged products that embody the flavors of Greece through their taste and aroma. The whole cycle of production, from cultivation, harvest, processing, and packaging takes places at the farm, allowing us to oversee and control the quality of every item we produce.'

"Great selection of organic products with an earthy and tasteful packaging - ideal for gifts too. Everything we tried, had superior quality (Capers, Olive oil, Suma, and Apricot jam). I loved the small pouches of lavender for drawers and closets."

"Magnificent products. So fresh. Local and handpicked and packaged here on Petra farm in Paros." 

Natural, wild plants growing in a clean environment enriched with the Alkis "meraki" offering us these unique products. I am waiting for the capers in summer which make our salads perfect!!!

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