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πεtra accommodation

With a modern aesthetic, top-of-the-line minimalist furnishing and beautiful artwork, Petra is the ideal villa for a large family or a group of ten friends.

 Nestled on Kolymbithres hill, Petra Estate overlooks the beautiful bay and the white-washed quintessentially Cycladic houses of Naousa village in the background. This elegantly built estate consists of a 2-bedroom main villa with a pool and a 3-bedroom guesthouse with a jacuzzi and hammock, as well as a variety of external seating, sunbathing and dining areas throughout. The villa has a wonderful, landscaped garden with local and exotic vegetation providing a sense of tranquility and calmness.


If you'd like to book both houses for a total of 10 people, send us your request below.

+30 6978947549

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