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Petra Products At Tasting
The Tour Begins
Kolymbithres Vineyard
Fresh Produce
Walk Through The Olive Trees
Viewing The Animals & Lower Farm

Perched above Kolymbithres in the idyllic bay of Naousa, Πεtra farm offers customized tours where you get to enjoy walking around the farm and tasting a selection of our products while taking in breathtaking views of Naousa. As we tour the farm you will get a brief yet comprehensive overview of the local crops that we grow, how we grow them, as well as how we harvest and process them. Tours are available for all different types of groups including families with children, couples, and tour groups.

Depending on the group we can even incorporate interactive elements into your tours for you to get the true experience - see what it is like to pick some capers or for your children to feed the chickens.  

After touring the farm for about 30 minutes we go to the balcony of the house on the farm which offers stunning views of the bay of Naousa and Kolymbithres. There we offer a generous selection of products from the farm including our very own organic wine!

During the summer, tours are offered at either 11:00 or 17:00.

All tours must be reserved in advance! Please contact us via email, telephone or Facebook and we will be happy to organize a tour for you!

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