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The Nayia Collection brings together the aesthetic sensibilities of two extraordinarily creative women, Nayia, our beloved mother, and Zoe, a dear friend. Born a generation apart, they met in Paros in 2019. Both shared a deep seated love of jewellery shaped by their uncommon passion for Greece, and Paros in particular, as well as the palpitating energy of family life and the Cycladic seas.

Admiring each other’s craftsmanship, Nayia and Zoe agreed in early 2022 to collaborate on a jewellery collection which would combine the finesse of Zoe’s lost wax technique which captures the fluidity and uniqueness of Greek sea-bound life and mythology, with the organic simplicity of the materials that Nayia cherished: smooth beach pebbles, simple geometric shapes and clean, architectural lines.

Tragically, Nayia passed away suddenly in September 2022.


The beautiful and unique Nayia Collection is the πεtra family’s loving testament to a beautiful and unique woman; their adored wife and mother, inspiring creator of the πεtra brand, and treasured friend to so many people around the world. 


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