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At Πεtra Farm we see farming and agriculture as a great environmental responsibility.

We strive to be stewards of the land and practice sustainable agricultural principles inspired by agro-ecology. We see our land as a complex and productive ecosystem that requires fine-tuned and creative management to ensure the best possible outcome for both the environment and our crop quality. 



At Πεtra, we focus on the production of perennial Mediterranean crops. The crops we focus our production on are very well-suited to the micro-climate of the island. This allows for minimal interventions as far as irrigation and pest control is concerned. Our crops are generally all drought tolerant, and as a result, we use very small amounts of water to sustain our crops. Our vineyards, capers and herbs receive no water at all. In fact, the lack of irrigation is a key factor in the increased intensity, intricate flavour and aroma of our products. 


Our farm started on 5 acres of land in the dry and rocky terraced soils of Kolymbithres in 1989 with 100 olive trees and 200 grapevines. Since Alkis took over the management of the family farm in 2015 the farm has grown significantly and the crops have been diversified. 


Πεtra Farm is now 24 acres large with terraced agricultural land in both Kolymbithres and Lefkes. 


We specialize in the cultivation of dry-land crops and cultivate capers, oregano, lavender, figs, grapes and olives. 

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