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The history of olive oil in Greece is as ancient as the Greeks themselves. Not far from our farm lies the oldest Cycladic olive mill-stone, proof of the importance of the olive to civilizations as old as the Mycenaeans in the 11th century BCE. Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from the ancient Koroneiki variety, well known for its fresh, fruity aroma and its rich peppery taste. To ensure the highest quality oil, with the lowest acidity possible we harvest the olives at the end of October while they are still green, and take them to the olive press immediately where they are cold-pressed.

[Origanum Onites]

Cycladic Oregano, scientifically known as Origanum Onites, is a variety of oregano well known for its aroma. Unlike many other types of oregano, our oregano's aroma is attributable to the fact that we harvest our crop including the buds just at the onset of flowering; at the point in time when the oregano has the highest concentration of essential oils. Besides its culinary characteristics, oregano is also known for its highly effective antimicrobial properties. You can use our oregano in marinades for both meat and fish, to sprinkle on salads or bread, as well as in roasts.

Thyme jar.jpeg

Wild Thyme collected from the rocky and arid patches of our olive groves. It is full of antioxidants and can be used in any marinade for both meat and vegetarian dishes. For those that love tea, a few thyme buds can brew a very healing tea.


Capers are found scattered throughout the Cycladic landscape: growing out of rocks by the sea, or out of cracks in narrow village streets in the hills. Their drought tolerance is remarkable, thanks in part to their deep tap roots that can reach metres down into the earth. If you are lucky enough you will come across elderly locals picking capers growing near to their home - the caper is of utmost culinary importance to the island's cuisine. At Πεtra we have grown our own caper plants from local, wild seeds - 1500 of them to be precise! These are planted over 2 hectares of land. We harvest our crop meticulously from April until July to ensure the highest quality of the buds we process. Our capers and caper leaves add a sophisticated touch to many dishes including salads and fish. 

Kritamo jar_edited.jpg

Sea samphire known as 'kritamo' in Greece is very frequently used in the cuisine of the Greek islands. It is commonly found growing along the coast. It is characterized by a crunchy, lemony flavour and is used in Greek salads as well as an accompaniment to fish.

[Lavandula Angustifolia]

Our lavender pillows are handmade on our farm using linen fabric to encase our sun-drenched aromatic lavender and cherry pips. You heat the pillow in the microwave oven for about 30 seconds, to one minute in order to heat the cherry pips that then allow the lavender to release its essential oils and relaxing aroma. Place the lavender pillow behind your neck or over your eyes and enjoy the calming effects!


Mountain tea is a tasty herbal tea that is unique to the south-east Mediterranean. It is rich in natural antioxidants and has historically been medicinally used for helping lower blood pressure and protect the digestive system. 


Our fig jam is a low sugar jam that we make from our figs in the months of July and August. We pick the best figs every day when they are very ripe and high in natural sugars and full of flavour. Our fig jam is an excellent accompaniment to cheese and wine, as well as on toast for an Aegean breakfast!

Rosemary Jar.jpeg

Rosemary grows unirrigated on our farm and is a flowering herb much loved by honey bees due to its prolific flowering in otherwise quite flowerless seasons. Rosemary is a staple in many greek dishes, including Parian chickpeas slow cooked in the oven, as well as roasted lamb. 


Caper leaves are a characteristic Cycladic delicacy. Their unique texture and flavour, slightly more subtle than the caper bud, is a beautiful addition to many Mediterranean dishes. Due to their flatness, they are also a great addition to sandwiches and bagels!

[Lavandula Angustifolia]

Our lavender pouches are filled with our farms' lavender and are great for putting in drawers and cupboards or even for keeping in your handbag. We harvest our lavender once in the spring, and then for a second time in the summer, after which we hang it for a month to allow it to dry and for its aroma to mature and increase in concentration. 

[Lavandula Angustifolia]
Lavender Tea.jpeg

Lavender, known for its calming qualities makes the perfect cup of tea in the evening. It helps get you relaxed and in a sleepy mood for bed.

[Urtica Dioica]

Our nettle tea has a simple yet delicious flavour that you can just tell is medicinal as you sip it. It is claimed to be a detox tea that boosts the immune system as well as relieves inflammation. We harvest our nettles from our lush green winter fields in January after which we lay them out to dry slowly, in a shady location, in order to not lose any of their health properties. 


Chili Jam jar.jpeg

Chili Jam pairs perfectly with cheese and meat...

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